what do we do?

we are trying to make some sense out of the content explosion on the web..
with so much content being produced, we thought it would be useful to find the most talked about stories, links, pictures, videos, etc..
our first stop is twitter which we find to be an incredible source of content on everything under the sun..

got products?

yes, we got..our first attempt is inagist (in a gist), to provide people with a gist of what is happening on twitter..
please do visit and let us know what you think..

what is iyotta?

a desperate attempt at trying to be smart, geeky and different...
mathematically speaking, it is
iota(ι) < ιyotta < yotta *
and since we are trying to reduce mountains of data to small mole-hills, we thought it all made sense!!

* 1 yotta byte = a gazillion bytes

© 2010 ιyotta software private limited, india